Overcame her fear of being an entrepreneur in spite of decades of experience

Vinath Hegde

Customer experience designer and specialist, NLP practitioner and a TEDx Speaker

I am Vinath, my name reflects vibration and energy of peace. My name rocks as it conveys a highly charged personality which attracts powerful ideas. My fashion style is bright and cheerful colours. I am also supporting TISS along with Chetana college in designing the content for Marketing Management. I am customer experience designer and specialist with over 3 decades of rich experience delivering end to end consultancy in the field of customer experience and a trainer in Soft Skills. I have transformed more than 1 million customers I have been responsible in developing unique projects which is one of its kind in India and work very closely for betterment of customer experience. I am also a NLP practitioner and a TEDx Speaker


Though I am able to face all challenges and stand in crowd and speak but always fear to take the first step to ask for business. I had a preconditioned notion that I my entire career is shadowed by male dominance and felt that woman can’t strategize and cannot do business

Principles applied

The Iron Lady programme transformed my thought process and myself into a compassionate leader. I applied Iron lady’s 27 principles and I discovered who I am and how to lead with the true purpose. I could break the pattern of my life by dealing with my crucibles powerfully as taught in IRON LADY program. I have changed the negative belief of Woman can’t be in the Male Business world. I have used the concept and principles like Codesef, daily Faizen and powerful request. I have pushed myself to achieve my BHAG and also to maximize in all areas. IRON LADY program for ‘Winning without waging a war’ has been my mantra of life.

Action taken

I updated my Linkedin profile. This has helped me to reach to couple of organizations for working towards Soft Skill programs have been reached by couple of organizations for Soft skills program

Breaking the boundary wall.

I started writing to organization where I had my HR friends and spoke on the concept on the Importance of Soft skills in all organization. A lot of people ignored my requests, but I never gave up. Finally, in the month of August got though an IT company where they asked if I could do a small training on Soft skills for new recruits. I felt WOW but the, question was which went into my mind how much should I charge. I was hesitant but still I felt I should put a price maybe it is small and I did that and with that success I got an assignment for a year to take up Soft skills program for all newcomers and some for their exiting staff.

I got another assignment to do a small talk in hospital on “Why is it important for Doctors and nurse to go through Soft skills”. This again was appreciated and the Hospital has decided to put in front of the board to do a two-day workshop.

Results achieved

In the month of December 2022 I have been invited to be a speaker in a National conference on “Inclusiveness and Diversity

I am honoured to be recipient from Maharashtra Government for supporting and setting up the call centre for Differently able and have received a lot of awards in my career