The cascading effects of improving my relationship with myself, on every other aspect of my life

Sharmila Gorde

People Professional

Myself Sharmila Gorde, People Professional and would love to share my thrilling journey ever since I got associated with IL team.


I was extremely expressive with a very low emotional quotient and people would easily bully me. In spite of having so much experience I never felt pride about the value addition that I bring to the table. Too much of an inferiority complex. Due to this frustration, I would feel unhappy at work and my family also faced the consequences of it, especially my son.

Principles applied

Applying the concept of Shameless pitch has become a very integral part of my life. The concept of ERRC helped me to focus on my strength, delegate and remove all devaluing elements. My Differentiating brand statement helped me to harp on what I truly possess and play my A game. The ritual of mirror exercise worked wonders to increase my emotional quotient and overcome inferiority complex. The principle of Rigor in communication, helped to get listened to properly. Visualization has changed my body language, behavior and in my belief system I already am the CHRO of the organization.

Action taken

I work with small breakthroughs and achieve my weekly targets. I am working on my capability matrix very closely, harping on my strengths and masking my weakness. I have increased my focus at work and also proposed to work as an advisor for my group companies where people charter is directly managed by the owners. I got my purpose in life and am on a mission of creating employable rural India and conduct workshops in colleges for students to increase their chances of employment. I have taken my health seriously as it is my biggest asset. I ask very sensible questions to the board, keeping myself at their positions. Changed my thought process from traditional HR to the key business drivers and talk with data and numbers. Everyday meditate and do visualization exercise.

Results achieved

I am able to break big tasks in small and have victorious weekends. Spend quality time with my family and due to increase in emotional quotient the outburst is very low. I can delegate and monitor very efficiently. Gathered the courage to tell my professional growth vision for next 3 yrs to my boss and am getting equal support from him. Launched developmental programs to increase my visibility in the organization. I showcase my achievements very efficiently. Got recommendations from my LinkedIn connects to improve my visibility. My quality of argument has gone from person to issue based without compromising my smile. In 3 months, my weight reduced by 8 kgs. Colleagues and family complement me on the exponential change in my personality, behavior and performance. Maximizing Ritual of Managing energy and concept of shameless pitching helped me to improve my relationship with my family.

A big thank you to Iron Lady team for giving my own self back to me, which I always dreamt of. I am indebted for life !!