With the Iron Lady program, Sanjukta went from feeling directionless to starting a business in just six months

Sanjukta Roy

First gen digipreneur PMP certifited ex-corporate woman CEO of DigiGenieSolutions co-founder of VidyaDhan

This is Sanjukta a first generation digipreneur and a PMP certified ex-corporate woman with a decade of experience with fortune 500 companies. Today I am the the founder and CEO of DigiGenieSolutions and co-founder of a non-profit organization VidyaDhan.


When I joined the Iron Lady program, I was serving notice period in my previous company. I was oblivious of the corporate politics and didn’t know that I canhow to ace them and turn it to my advantage.

First time when I met Mr. Rajesh Bhat (CEO and Founder of Iron Lady), he said if I had joined the program earlier then I would have received my long duelong-due promotion in the company instead of exiting from it. I liked his confidence and the conviction in his voice. We face multiple hostile situation situations within family and workplaces which we are unaware of as to how to deal and maximize to our advantage.

Principles applied

Iron Lady sessions helped me by providing the much needed sail to my life’s boat. From a previously directionless person I learnt how to create my plan and achieve it. I learnt how to manage my emotions and beliefs. The things I learnt in the sessions became a part of my daily practice like mirror exercise, practicing gratitude and applying the maximizing principle. This assisted not only in career decision making but also in personal relationships also.

I started practicing mirror exercise daily with positive affirmations along with a thought or act of gratitude. I learnt that my emotions and beliefs are not me, and I could consciously manage them. It was difficult at first but not impossible. I applied the maximize principle, and took steps the actions that would give gave me quick breakthroughs in achieving my B-Hag. As a result, I experienced immense happiness and satisfaction. My relationship with my in-laws and my father slowly improved. I could fast track my learning curve and launched my own business within 6 months. I achieved my first B-Hag within first 3 months of completing the program. I became PMP certified and part of the elite PMP community internationally.

Action taken

While I was nearly invisible in my erstwhile corporate life, Iron

Lady program changed my entire belief system and the way I make everyday decisions, the way I think when faced with tough choices, the way I easily sail on high waves and rough waters.

My earlier self-doubts have vanished and my new avatar is confident and happy and sure of the decisions that needs need to be taken in life and career however difficult they may be or how adverse the situation may be.

Results achieved

Iron Lady program taught me how to become unstoppable and be the best version of myself. It is by implementing the learnings that i transformed myself from a caterpillar to a radiant butterfly.

I am the founder and CEO of a business and co-founder of a NGO now, i am sure you can too achieve your DREAMS, and not let fear or doubt stop you! Even if your dreams seem impossible today, when you implement the learnings of the progam, the impossible is possible.