Achieved more than BHAG and found new confidence

Rishika Sood

Associate Lead Software Developer with TSYS

My name is Rishika Sood. I am an Associate Lead Software Developer with TSYS, A Global Payments Company. I am an end to end specialist in frontend software solutions.


Before Iron Lady, I was very low on confidence. Even after being a high performer, I was forced into believing that I am not contributing enough and that I am not up to the mark. I was a new mother and with the added responsibility at home I surrendered to the image that was created for me.

Principles applied

Once I joined Iron Lady, I realized it was all in my head. All I had to do was work on that confidence. The first thing I started with was aligning with my relationships and that gave me a lot of strength and peace of mind. Then I started working on being unpredictable and maximizing my energy. And last but not the least I followed my CoDeSeF very sincerely.

Action taken

I started to leverage LinkedIn. Updated my profile, started posting about anything I was reading or learning new. Also followed by many like minded people. This action alone raised my bar. Since I was working on my energy now, instead of my time, even at 2:00 AM I was bright and alert. And lastly I never stopped the mirror exercise.

Results achieved

I achieved more than what I had aimed for in my BHAG. I got a specialist position with a 100% hike. And this achievement has set into motion a thought process that is never ending. I can now easily visualize where I want to be 10-15 years down the line and this new found confidence is something that grows with every step I take towards my betterment.