Achieving transcending effects on the family with a solution-focused mindset

Achieving transcending effects on the family with a solution-focused mindset​

Gowri Mani

Cost Accountant

I am Gowri Mani, Cost Accountant, expert in handling finance & Accounts for Real Estate companies having more than 2.5 decades of experience, currently working with a leading promoter in Chennai -SPR Constructions Pvt Ltd developing a Township project in 63 acres of property.


Before joining Iron Lady program, I had inferiority complex and could not express my views and suggestions in Heads meetings in front of the Management. I was complained by my superiors that I don’t have proper communication skills which put me down even though I worked hard in delivering my best. I changed my job in 2019, and within a short span, I had to exit from that due to Covid. I was jobless for 6 months. I had many times expressed my work pressure to my family members which created bad impression on me.

I used to complain about my son’s behavior instead of talking to him personally and solving the issues.

My daughter is a TT Player, I didn’t consider Sport as a profession and I insisted her to focus on academics more than her sport. This kind of misalignment created a lot of hassle in my personal life.

I wanted to improve my communication skills and look for better job with 50% hike, balance both my personal and work life.

Principles applied

Powerful request and purpose based communication, my first BHAG was completed I got an offer with 50% hike in the present Company during my course itself.

Iron Lady principle Maximizing over Balancing helped me to overcome my stress in handling personal life along with my profession.

Action taken

I started focusing on Solutions instead of discussing about the problems, yes I spent quality time with my son to discuss on his future carrier. I could see a huge transformation in him and he became so responsible and now he is doing his Masters in Chicago, US.

I understood my daughter’s passion about her sport and I started encouraging her, now She is India No.1 and World Ranking No.35 in under 19 representing India in many International tournaments.

Results achieved

Iron Lady program not only helped me in transforming myself, but also my family members in achieving their goals within a short span of time (6 months).

I am appreciated by other team leaders that I am able to express my opinion/suggestions and I have become part of many discussions which I was not given opportunity earlier. I am happy to share that many of my peers approach me for solutions which will be acceptable to all.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Iron Lady community especially Rajesh Bhatt for achieving my BHAG and maximizing over balancing of my personal and professional life.