Long awaited jobchange, when converted into a B-HAG - achieved within 3 months.


Senior HR Professional

I am Chaitra, a senior HR professional with a decade and a half years of experience across a wide range of industries. It is an honor for me to share my Iron Lady journey with all of you.


I was looking for a job change for the last 2 years, however, was not seeing any breakthrough of my choice.

I came across Rajesh’s YouTube videos one day. This man had a vision of taking a million women to the top of the organization, and I was blown away by this thought! It didn’t take me long to enroll in the Iron Lady Essentials Program Basic program.

Principles applied

The three-day workshop channelized my thoughts into a new realm of possibilities! Through the principles of Iron Lady, I could create my differentiated brand statement, understand my core strengths, plan my Faizen activities, create visual boards and identify my purpose pegs. The ritual of Daily mirror work is miraculous!

Action taken

Without missing a single day, I diligently followed all the daily rituals and faizen actions with complete faith. I improvised my LinkedIn profile and started making new connections to my network. Redesigned my resume and started applying for a minimum of 2 jobs per day. My target was to get 3 interview calls of my choice and get a job offer within 3 months

Results achieved

As a result, I become more focused and structured in all my actions. I learned how to manage my energies and transform handle my using crucibles of leadership. Within 1 month, I started getting interview calls and eventually got a job offer with a hike % of more than I wished for. I joined the IronLady family in May 2022 and got a new job in Aug 2022!! Iron Lady not only scaled me up for a new job but also enhanced me as a person!!

Thank you Iron Lady Team for helping me become the best version of myself and achieve the desired results!