Taking back the control of my life

Captain Asha

Seasoned Veteran in Business Strategy, Development & Continuity in the area of Defence Business

I am, Capt. Asha Alagappa, a Seasoned Veteran in Business Strategy, Development & Continuity in the area of Defence Business for more than two & half decades. My ten years of defense life have made me an ammunition, armament, and explosives expert as well helped me people and teams expertly.


I was a victim of office and home politics, being pressurized for goodwill impressions compromising my quality time. I wanted freedom from these caged thoughts and free myself from the burden of satisfying the bosses and mother-in-law.

Principles applied

I used the principle of focusing on my strength and managing my weakness by powerfully playing my A game to get full control of my situation by keeping me engaged in doing activities for professional and social growth. I started taking mini-breaks to rest and revive to get back to the job at hand by doing priming techniques to come back with positive energy and josh.

Action taken

With these rituals and techniques, I was able to recharge and revive myself to focus on more important tasks like taking the major decision of being financially educated and being financially independent and making a practical decision without emotional involvement.

Results achieved

I saw transformational changes happening and I have started taking major decisions for my financial growth thereby creating multiple buckets of wealth generations by respecting the timeline and engaging in strategic planning and execution professionally.

I realized that it gave me internal peace and brought me in harmony to accept a few things as they are and move on in life for bigger success with a deeper focus on the transformational journey with an aim to making in the 0.5 percent league of successful leaders reaching the top of making one crore in one year in next 18 months.