Leveraging the Lock-down to Lift-up by business

Anghrija Basu

IT Professional, and a Director of a Start-up that participates in IT Infrastructure & Electronics projects

I am Anghrija Basu Bhattacharya, a resident of a small town named Siliguri, Dist.-Darjeeling, West Bengal. I am an IT Professional, an eSign service provider (Digital signature Certificate) & a Director of a Start-up company that participates in various IT Infrastructure & Electronics based projects of various states and central dept of India. Other than in the field of IT, I have more than 2 decades of experience in various fields of public relations. I am also running a small sanitary napkin manufacturing unit.


I joined Iron lady programme during the Lockdown period. I had lots of self-limiting beliefs with no clarity of vision, even I was not properly aware of my strength and weaknesses. Before Iron lady I was not aware of any kind of leadership programme for women helping them in their professional growth and development except the various fields of MBA. Before the quarantine period started I had just purchased the machinery of my small manufacturing unit of sanitary napkin, but due to Covid I wasn’t able to run my unit and it remained completely closed.. As I was stable in my IT business, I wanted to start new venture and need diversification in the business so that money comes from multiple way. But destiny had stored another plan for me, which is very exciting.

Principles applied

In Iron lady master class I gained lot of clarity regarding my vision and mission. I diligently worked on my “crucibles of leadership”. I followed the 27 principles of breakthrough which I used in my existing IT business. I observed steady transformation in my personal growth which helped me to improve my purpose based communication in my existing business.

Action taken

Whatever principles I have learnt in IRON LADY, I used to apply in my existing business because quarantine period extended and there is no hope for me to start my unit. I strictly followed CoDeSf, Kaizen and Faizen and gave stress on business communication and team leadership. Before Covid, eSign and digital signature procuring was not well adopted and only offline processing was dominant. But as the lockdown started, it shifted totally on the online mode. I started to provide online support from my home to different dept. agencies and govt organization in different parts of the country.

Results achieved

My eSign service provider company got numerous responses from various parts of the country. Through GEM I am getting orders from different locations of Defence Unit. My company’s website www.egovservice.org has achieved very good Google review and Bangalore based IT magazine SILICON INDIA has identified me & my company as the top most promising eSign service provider of India in 2022.