100 Board Members​

Fast Track towards TOP Management using Business War Tactics and Upside-down thinking!

Iron Lady

Higher you try to reach, more challenging it becomes!​

Traditional career building tactics don’t work!​

Girija Kolagada: It was impossible for me to believe that I could be a Senior Director at Progress! I not only reached the position, but I’m also now thriving in this position, thanks to 100 Board Members!​

Most programs / certifications even from top universities provide only knowledge-based learning! ​

It’s only when you practice Business War Tactics directly from the masters that you can win in the toughest wars!​

Sudha Krishnamurthy: While I have studied at Harvard , I found the 100 Board Members Program to be much more impactful and I was able to get a new role with a 100% hike using the Business War Tactics..!​!​

100 Board Members Framework enables you to think UPSIDE down!​

When direct and frontal attack is not possible, attack from the TOP! ​

Suguna Mylavarapu: When I started positioning myself as a 2-3 levels higher, my boss / super-boss were forced to give me far more respect! I was able to reach 2.5 times my CTC in just 8 months!​

  1. 1.
    Build the brand / image of a ‘Board Member’​

Be More; Believe; Do Less​

Raise your profile!​

Pitch without pitching!​

Anu Kannan: Building my profile as a Board Member,enabled me to bag a new role with 170% hike as Vice President, at Bank of America!​

I could present myself confidently at two levels higher and do justice to it as well! ​

  1. 2.
    Create strategies / tactics from the ‘TOP’!​

Lead through ​strategies / tactics relevant at the TOP.​

Learn and deal with hidden ​politics at top levels..​

Work with the End in Mind always!​​

Harvinder Singh (Mona): As the CFO of Rajasthan Royals IPL Team I was able to deal with every possible challenge with confidence and ease!

Though I was the only woman member of the team, I was able to deal with every challenge that came my way..​

  1. 3.
    Develop Breakthrough capabilities​ ​

Think OUTSIDE in!​

Develop a Capability Matrix and move ahead using Accelerated Capability Development​

Understand market / industry / segments​

Sushma Patil: Capabilities that others develop in 10-12 years, I could develop just 6 months!​

This enabled me to increase my CTC by 100% just in 8 months!

  1. 4.
    The Networks; Tricks and techniques​

Fast track your network and build life-time relationships​

Learn top ​​techniques / tricks!​

Avoid top mistakes!​

Sharmili Tripathy: I could write emails to my CEO, 6 layers above, and get responses! ​

This increased my brand so much that others started listening to me much more; I was able to get the hike and promotion that I deserved..​

100 Board Members - methodology​

Fast Track towards TOP Management

  1. Case studies / mocks / pitches
  2. Sessions from top board members / investors​
  3. Individual reviews ​
  4. Sub-board groups​
  5. Outcome based Accountability​

Target outcomes:

  • Fast track 7-10 years of normal growth – in 6-18 months​
  • Become Functional Leader within Operating Board
  • Be considered a TOP ‘STAR’ within your team​

Entry Guidelines :​

  • You have 10+ years of experience ​ ​
  • Aspiring to break into the top management in next 3-5 years​

Schedule :​

  • One Saturday per month for 6 months​ ​
  • 1.5 hours per week of practice

Poornima Dikshit: I realized dedicating at least 5-10% of my money and time is critical to develop myself as a leader. I was able to get a hike of 100% just in 6 months by using the 100 Board Members!​

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Program investment (with scholarship) : Rs. 74,999/-

*We are a purpose-driven organization. We intend to support as many people as possible to participate.
The community of Iron Lady Alumni have contributed to create an Iron Lady Scholarship Fund to offer scholarships to deserving participants.