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High-Impact Business Leadership Programs for Women

Based on Business War Tactics and Strength-Based Excellence

Delivered by Accomplished Entrepreneurs, CXOs and Practicing Professionals

A Community of Winning Women!

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Relevant, High-impact Programs

Iron Lady runs high-impact certificate leadership programs for careerwomen and businesswomen.

These programs are intended to produce measurable and breakthrough results for the corporate and the individuals.

Zen Techniques to Winning

Iron Lady programs combine the power of Personal TransformationBing Fa Breakthrough competence (Art of War) and Strength Based Excellence to deliver breakthrough results for the corporate and the individual.

By Ex-CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Iron Lady is a mission driven initiative run by Rajesh Bhat (Founder and CEO, Iron Lady), Sridhar Sambandam(Ex-CEO of Bajaj Auto and Escorts Agri), Simon Newman(Ex-CEO, Aviva Singapore) and Sneh Sharma(Founder, Ittisa).

Programs are directly run by many of CEOs / Ex-CEOs / entrepreneurs (men and women) and senior leaders who are passionate about the cause.

Voice of Participants

  • “Through the Iron Lady program, I have developed a tremendous sense of confidence, a set of habits and people skills that enable me to be a much better leader. I am able to accomplish way more than what I was doing earlier.”

    Thejaswini Balaji, 17+ years in the MNCs
    Thejaswini Balaji, 17+ years in the MNCs
    Alumni of Iron Lady
  • “I was already a capable leader. Iron Lady has been a transformative experience that has supported me in getting much better at my own strengths, finding a much better balance in life and ability to contribute much more everywhere in life.”

    Ambika, 15+ years in the large MNCs
    Ambika, 15+ years in the large MNCs
    Alumni of Iron Lady
  • “This program has enabled me to develop my leadership skills altogether at a different level. Every person around me appreciates the positive contribution that the program has made in my life. My reading speed and my ability to learn has increased multi-fold through the program. My ability to grasp things, communicate, and live with a sense of purpose has gone through the roof.”

    Vinaya, 12+ years in the MNCs
    Vinaya, 12+ years in the MNCs
    Iron Lady participant
  • “I learnt that standing up for self can itself be trsnsformational. The Iron Lady sessions taught me that living life with authenticity gives us extra-ordinary power.”

    Nitika Garg
    Nitika Garg
  • “The program is designed with lots of interactive sessions that will help us to gain clarity of our goals and how to pursue it. In total, it was rejuvenating and transformational. My sincere thanks to INKHer team for introducing the program.”

    Prathibha H
    Prathibha H


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