Rasika Chaudhari

Rasika Chaudhari

Software Test Specialist with a decade of experience in Telecom Domain

Hi! I’m Rasika Chaudhari, A software test specialist with a decade of experience in the telecom domain. I ensure process excellence in projects and impart high quality s/w deliverables. I am also a mother of a 3-year-old daughter.


After my daughter was born in 2015, I was on a sabbatical for 3 years. When I was thinking about resuming work, I came across the IL program . Rajesh asked all participants to set a BHAG. Had I not been a part of the IL course, I would have set a goal to seek a job. I learnt in the program that the goal had to be something that excites you and gives you goosebumps. So, instead of a goal of getting a job, I set a BHAG to get a job with 100% hike.

Principles applied

The principle of ‘Shameless pitching’ helped me to shamelessly demand the hike that I desired. The principle of ‘A Game’ helped me observe a pattern of my best and not so best moments of the day. I got to know where exactly I should maximize and which weaknesses I should manage. This helped me tremendously to realise my potential.

Action taken

Based on Disha sessions, I came up with a powerful resume and Linked IN profile. I also prepared a ‘Shameless Pitch’ for myself when negotiating salary with HR.

Results achieved

Within a few weeks after posting my resume and giving a few interviews, I received an offer from a telecom company. And yes, they did give me the 100% hike.

Knock Out Effect:

Iron Lady taught me how to set lofty goals and how to “Go full throttle” to achieve. It helped me achieve a successful comeback after a sabbatical. I feel a new sense of confidence in myself. I wish to thank all my mentors for their guidance and their support.

Thank you!