Nivedita Parulekar

Nivedita Parulekar

Pharma Strategy Evangelist

I am Nivedita, pharma strategy evangelist with more than 2 decades of experience in marketing, branding & strategy. I have worked with leading pharma organizations in the past and now working with a US MNC, Abbott Healthcare.


Earlier I was spending my energy in thinking my alignment with boss, which was never ever aligned, the only thought taking away my time and, energy; & also impacting my mental health was that since, 5 years I haven’t received any increment forget about promotion.

Fast forward August 2022, IL training transformed my outlook completely. I, Nivedita, standing in front of you, am the new, positive, confident, energetic version of myself, not just focusing on my work but powerfully connecting with seniors and, cross-functional colleagues.

Principles applied

I have improved my planning & execution remarkably using the principles of ERRC which helped me to perform my tasks well on time and keep ahead compared to others. I have proactively identified 2 projects and have started working on the same.

On the personal front, I improved my Linkedin profile, I could witness the difference I received after enhancing my profile, I applied to more than 15 companies, and I could connect with more than 100 people in just 1 month and received a few recommendations as well.

I approached my old colleagues and found something really surprising. The Director of my 1st company, with whom, I had hardly interacted in my previous company, called me up and spoke to me at length. After almost 5 years, I also spoke with my other ex-boss, for more than 40 mins where he mentored me with some great ideas. I personally experienced that, if you approach people with real purpose, people do respect your concerns and extend support to help you.

Action taken

I agree there is long way to achieve my BHAG of getting new job as senior strategist with 50% hike , but these developments are acting as catalyst to pace up my progress and help me keep trying new things every day and keep learning.

I am applying IL techniques such as following 5 daily rituals that helped to boost my confidence, exercises such as identifying my crucible and performing affirmations have also boosted my confidence. Working on the ERRC technique & the principles of CODESEF to organize and, structure myself to complete tasks successfully & well on time.

Results achieved

While I continue to work for my B- HAG the regular interaction with Iron lady team has helped me to stay focused and charged me to bounce back with higher energy.

What would life be if we have no courage to attempt anything? said famous artist Vincet Van Gogh

So we must try and we must win, we deserve best, keep trying till we achieve our objective.