Molika Garg

Molika Garg

Senior Management & Author

I am Molika Garg with almost 2 decades of experience in the automobile industry., Business transition & its transformation is my strength, I have been in a senior management position for almost a decade now.


My trajectory at work has been quite satisfying but I always felt depressed and left out. I struggled with depression since my childhood which I could identify only at a very later stage in life. For the last couple of years I wanted to write and publish a book but was not motivated enough to work at it.

Principles applied

Defining a BHAG, doing my Faizen actions daily, managing my energy in addition to the time & creating a purpose pegs has helped me in the challenges I was facing before. It has helped me to be more focused & own my actions.

Action taken

1. Focus on Winning

2. Doing daily Faizen activity with discipline

3. Working with my mentor unfailingly

Results achieved

After listening to so many women at Iron Lady & understanding their journey has inspired me to work on my book and (on Date/Month) I have completed writing my book & self-published the same on Amazon worldwide within 4 months of joining the program. I am feeling a sense of accomplishment higher than ever. My depressive mood swings are controlled & my hyper-intense body language has eased down.

I wanted to contribute to society by writing for the masses. I always believed that a book is our best friend and the author is the counselor. I think now I can continue my journey of writing towards the contribution that I wish to make.