Lisa Inasu

Lisa Inasu

Assistant Director at EY

I, Lisa Inasu, Assistant Director at EY in Bangalore is implementing digitally transforming projects from last 4 years in versatile sectors HR, Retail, Supply Chain Planning and Procurement.


Before joining Iron Lady, in my 4 years tenure in EY, I had not received any award, tangible bonus or promotion. As a result, I started to re-think my options. However, I was not willing to let go of my exposure in dealing the challenging projects coming my way in EY.

Principles applied

After I enrolled in the Iron Lady masterclass with Rajesh Bhat, my Big Hairy Audacious Goal was framed where I decided I want to get promoted to Director in EY with 50% hike and 2 times monthly salary as bonus in 3 months. I took the top 3 Breakthrough Actions to do daily work using the principle of Eliminate Reduce Raise Create. During the 3-day experiential workshop of Leadership Essential Program, I acted on the principle of “Crucibles of Leadership”, “Trust and inspect” and “Managing my energy” and with “Alignment with key relationship” of that is – my family members.

Action taken

In critical meetings I used the principle of A Game. In my daily journal, I started recording my checklist to use the principle of Shameless Pitching, Ppowerful Prequest and Lleadership with grace. In every email and conversation, I consciously put efforts using thein principle of “Rigour in action and communication”.

Results achieved

In 8 months, I achieved my Big Hairy Audacious Goal of getting 2 times of monthly salary as bonus. I am getting noticed in the wider peer group and my senior leadership. I received the ‘I am Exceptional’ Award for digitally transforming along with my team.

I started witnessing the change in the way I am interacting with the people around me. My family has acknowledged that I am even more confident. I was able to support my daughter during her difficult times and our relationship has become stronger. I started giving unpredictable responses wherever possible to steer away from negativity. My success is celebrated by my family, and they are with me as always. I am indebted to Iron Lady Founders, Program Leaders, Community members, close group members with whom I attended LEP and of course my Buddy.