LetterToMyDaughter: Your gender is NOT an apology

Dear Avani,
There will be people who will tell you that you can’t accomplish something ‘because you’re a girl’;
Those who will say you can never be like a boy.


A few will accuse you of trying too hard to be like a man.
Someone else will tell you that you’re NOT strong enough.
Or not smart enough
Or not stable enough..
Or not SOMETHING enough……..


Someone will ask you not to laugh out loud.
Someone else will ask you not to stand straight… or not to hold your head high.


When you’re told any of these, take a deep breath; and pity them – for they’re ignorant.
Never bend or be ashamed or be shy of being YOURSELF.
Fully. Unabashedly. With ZERO Regrets.
Walk with your Head Held High.
Let your actions speak.
Stand with pride and say: “My gender is NOT an apology!”


Say this to yourself every day – “I am capable, whole, wonderful and awesome!”



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