Juthika Mondal

Juthika Mondal

A Social impact specialist, a Nation builder, Mental Health counselor and a Business Story Teller.

I am Juthika Mondal, a Social impact specialist, a Nation builder – instrumental in building the Strategic framework, focussing on Education and Skills.

I am also a Mediator in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation, an Educator and Trainer serving on both online and offline platforms. I am also a Mental Health counselor and a Business Story Teller.


I was contributing to bring a change in the society and impacting many lives ….. as Educator, Mediator and Mental Health Counsellor.

But I could not see a spark whenever I shared my Purpose with people….. normally the response from everyone was that this work are usually taken up by jobless people …..

Inside, I was energized and charged up with the idea of bringing change in the lives of people. But I never felt comfortable sharing my passion with people around me fearing that I will be looked down upon.

Not being able to communicate my purpose was making me feel frustrated and my usual responses were either Anger outbursts or emotional breakdowns.

I saw Iron Lady Ad.. And enrolled for the Master class. I saw and Heard Rajesh and I got energized by the MasterClass.

Principles applied

Then I joined the LEP program, and those 3 days have changed my life. The various principles and tools discussed and taught in the program opened my eyes. All the program Leaders were like magicians touching those points which were so useful in our growth.

I slowly started implementing these principles in my life and saw a transformation in my language .

Action taken

The mirror exercise – saying “I am Whole Complete and Perfect” in front of the mirror everyday works so well that whenever I am Low I use this mantra and it works like magic; and from somewhere in the Universe I get the Energy to come out of that disempowering situation.

Results achieved

I attended the community sessions and could see more transformation in me. I started making strategies. The principles of “maximize not balance” and “alignment with key relationships” helped me to align with my Key relationships in my professional life and personal life tremendously which changed my personality and people started looking forward to take my opinion.
I regularly practiced the 27 Distinctions of Iron lady and this has helped me look beyond and make strategies for my entrepreneurial journey. Now, I have started my Entrepreneurial Journey and I am a founder of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” which provides advisory services to Organisations in CSR – making Strategic frameworks focussing on Education and Skill Development for Students, Women and Elders .