Corporate Leadership program from Iron Lady

Upgrade leadership of your women workforce through this top certificate leadership program.

Generate real business impact through breakthrough projects using unique Art of War methodology!

Learn in small cohorts through mentoring from TOP global CEOs, directly.

Join General Mills, Aurigene, YourStory, Walmart, GE and others in reaping the benefits of this program..

Program Highlights and Content

Based on proven, experiential, high impact-based Art of War methodology

6 full day sessions (in Bangalore), bi-weekly webinars, 1-on-1 sessions spread over 3 months

Breakthrough projects delivered by participants for their company

Conducted in small cohorts of 20 people with individual attention by top global CEOs

Lead with a sense of purpose

> Negotiate and communicate powerfully

> Manage politics and bias confidently.

> Lead with a sense of purpose - to produce big breakthroughs.

> Visualize and plan for the long term

> Develop a sense of internal confidence

Strength based excellence

> Understand your strengths and strengthen these

> Accelerated learning towards excellence

> Developing the habits of accomplishment

> Playing your 'A-Game'

Implement Art of War strategies

> Art of War to win corporate games

> Understanding your corporate 'ENEMIES'

> Attack and defense tactics in the business world

> Most impactful global management principles, and competences.

> Being outward in - focus on the market and customer

Program Delivery Method

Program delivered with a 360° focus

Program Leaders


Founder/CEO, Iron Lady, Co-Founder/Trustee, Head Held High

Rajesh is a serial social entrepreneur (Iron Lady is his initiative). He is also the Co-founder and Trustee of Head Held High Foundation. Rajesh’s work has impacted lakhs of people over the last 14 years. He’s been awarded as the Real Heroes of India by CNN network. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has showcased his work on StarPlus.


Co-founder/Chairman, Iron Lady, Ex-CEO, Aviva Singapore

Simon is a highly accomplished global CEO / CXOs – being the CEO of companies like Aviva, Singapore. He’s held CXO positions at Barclays, Prudential and Hong Leong Bank.
Simon has mentored / managed / supported thousands of senior leaders over his illustrious career spanning over 3 decades.


Co-founder/Director, Iron Lady, Ex-CEO, Bajaj Auto, Escorts Agri

Sridhar is considered one of the foremost turn-around specialists in India, having turned around many billion-dollar companies like Bajaj Auto and Escorts, being their CEO / president.
Sridhar comes with 25+ years of corporate experience. Sridhar coaches many CEOs / entrepreneurs of large companies today.
He is a specialist in the Bing-Fa and Art of War corporate breakthrough performance methodologies.


Founder/CEO at LabourNet, One of top 60 businesswomen in India.

Gayathri is Co-founder and CEO at Labournet. She is experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the civic & social organization industry and scaled LabourNet to 100+ crore company, training 2 lakh + people yearly. She is one of 53 most powerful women in business in India.

Available Program

The program schedule for the next available program is as follows:
Full day sessions:  April 26th, 27th, 28th, June 1st, June 28th, and Aug 3rd
Webinars : 90 minutes every 15 days
App-based short daily sessions: Daily (weekly commitment of 3-5 hours)

Impact and Testimonials

  • “I learnt that standing up for self can itself be transformational. The Iron Lady sessions taught me that living life with authenticity gives us extra-ordinary power.”

    Nitika Garg
    Nitika Garg
  • “The program is designed with lots of interactive sessions that will help us to gain clarity of our goals and how to pursue it. In total, it was rejuvenating and transformational. My sincere thanks to INKHer team for introducing the program.”

    Prathibha H
    Prathibha H

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